Top 10 Trending CapCut Templates For Tiktok Download – 2023


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for New Trending Capcut Templates for 2023 for Social Media like Tiktok, etc. You can download all of the New CapCut Trend templates on this website for free. Any template you choose can be downloaded and edited quickly using the CapCut App.

Have you been trying to figure out how to make popular TikTok content quickly and easily? You’re at right place ! We offer users templates that are simple to edit and modify to suit their particular requirements. You can easily add your individual style to any template and create an exclusive video with just a few clicks. Continue reading to learn more about the incredible new CapCut Trend!

How To Use CapCut Templates?

Installing CapCut

  1. Download the App: Go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and download the CapCut app.
  2. Install and Open: Once downloaded, install the app and open it on your device.

Starting a New Project

  1. Launch CapCut: Open the CapCut app on your mobile device.
  2. New Project: Tap the ‘New Project’ button to create a new video project.

Importing Media

  1. Select Media: Navigate to the folder where your desired videos or photos are stored. You can select one or multiple files.
  2. Add to Timeline: Tap on the ‘Add’ or ‘Import’ button to add the selected media to the timeline.

Using a Template

  1. Access Templates: Tap the ‘Templates’ icon, usually represented by a magic wand or similar graphic.
  2. Browse Templates: Scroll through the available templates to find one that you like. You can usually preview them before applying.
  3. Select Template: Tap on the template you wish to use.
  4. Apply Template: Follow the on-screen prompts to apply the template to your video. This might include options to adjust duration, add text, or modify other template-specific settings.
  5. Review: After applying, review the video to see how it looks. The template will apply preset transitions, effects, and text based on the style you’ve chosen.


  1. Edit Text: If the template includes text, tap on the text boxes in the timeline to edit them.
  2. Adjust Effects: Some templates allow you to adjust the effects. Tap on the effect to see customization options.
  3. Change Duration: Drag the handles at the beginning or end of a clip to adjust its duration, if needed.

Saving and Exporting

  1. Preview: Always preview your video by tapping the play button to ensure everything looks good.
  2. Save: Tap the ‘Save’ or ‘Export’ button, usually represented by a download or share icon.
  3. Choose Resolution and Quality: You may be prompted to select the resolution and quality for the exported video.
  4. Export: Confirm and wait for the video to be processed. Once done, it should be saved to your device’s gallery or chosen destination.


  1. Share Button: Tap the ‘Share’ button if you wish to share the video directly from CapCut to social media or via other methods.
  2. Follow Prompts: Choose where and how you want to share the video, and follow any additional prompts.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully used a CapCut template to edit your video.

Top 10 Trending CapCut Templates

Here is the new top 10 trending CapCut Templates for you just click on them to download and use Templates in CapCut. Also if you want more CapCut Templates then visit out site again.

Beat Scan Template

Beat Scan Template is a template that contain beats and effects also the beats are well settled with soundtrack. You just have to add your photos and in just one click your video will be ready.

Blur Video Template

In Blur Video Template when you add your video then it will be blur and then the template effect apply on it and in a few seconds your video will ready for you.

Photo Transition / Attitude Capcut Template

Photo Transition / Attitude Capcut Template is use for attitude videos in this template you have to add multiple photos and it will create an attitude video for you.

Gun Shot Template

Gun Shot Template contains the sound of gun and when you use this template a gun sound will added to your video or photo according to the beats of music.

3D Alight Motion/Panda Template

3D Alight Motion/Panda Template is a template in which a panda will appear in your photo or video when you apply this filter to your video.

Collage Maker template

In Collage Maker template you have to add your 3 to 4 images and this template will make a goog collage of your photos and also set the sound on them.

Habibi Trending Template

Habibi Trending Template is one of the most famous CapCut Template that is mostly use in tiktok videos. This template contains the famous Habibi sound.

Arabic Beat Capcut Template

Arabic Beat Capcut Template is a Arabic CapCut template in which beats are embedded according to the Arabic music we just have to add our photos or video to use the template.

Bloody Line Template

Bloody Line Template is also a famous and trending CapCut template that also use photos to create a video just import photos and your video will create automatically.

Remix Beat Template

Remix Beat Template is a CapCut that contain a remix beat song that attracts viewer and help you to viral your video easily you just have to use this amazing template.

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