Summertime Sadness CapCut Template


In Summertime Sadness CapCut Template, A summer day’s happiness is captured in the CapCut template. It draws inspiration from Lana Del Rey’s well-known song Summertime, which explores the feelings of intense love and a slipping romantic relationship. It draws listeners in with its soulful and distinctive tunes.

Because it depicts genuine love, users enjoy this theme. You can find the best templates to make your clip in this article.

Me Gustas Tu, which is comparable to the template on the Me Gustas song in Spanish, is another interesting template in the CapCut collection. Look at each template offered, making sure to use the one you like best.

How To Use CapCut Templates?

Installing CapCut

  1. Download the App: Go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and download the CapCut app.
  2. Install and Open: Once downloaded, install the app and open it on your device.

Starting a New Project

  1. Launch CapCut: Open the CapCut app on your mobile device.
  2. New Project: Tap the ‘New Project’ button to create a new video project.

Importing Media

  1. Select Media: Navigate to the folder where your desired videos or photos are stored. You can select one or multiple files.
  2. Add to Timeline: Tap on the ‘Add’ or ‘Import’ button to add the selected media to the timeline.

Using a Template

  1. Access Templates: Tap the ‘Templates‘ icon, usually represented by a magic wand or similar graphic.
  2. Browse Templates: Scroll through the available templates to find one that you like. You can usually preview them before applying.
  3. Select Template: Tap on the template you wish to use.
  4. Apply Template: Follow the on-screen prompts to apply the template to your video. This might include options to adjust duration, add text, or modify other template-specific settings.
  5. Review: After applying, review the video to see how it looks. The template will apply preset transitions, effects, and text based on the style you’ve chosen.


  1. Edit Text: If the template includes text, tap on the text boxes in the timeline to edit them.
  2. Adjust Effects: Some templates allow you to adjust the effects. Tap on the effect to see customization options.
  3. Change Duration: Drag the handles at the beginning or end of a clip to adjust its duration, if needed.

Saving and Exporting

  1. Preview: Always preview your video by tapping the play button to ensure everything looks good.
  2. Save: Tap the ‘Save’ or ‘Export’ button, usually represented by a download or share icon.
  3. Choose Resolution and Quality: You may be prompted to select the resolution and quality for the exported video.
  4. Export: Confirm and wait for the video to be processed. Once done, it should be saved to your device’s gallery or chosen destination.


  1. Share Button: Tap the ‘Share’ button if you wish to share the video directly from CapCut to social media or via other methods.
  2. Follow Prompts: Choose where and how you want to share the video, and follow any additional prompts.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully used a CapCut template to edit your video.

Summertime Sadness Apple Music Edit

Summertime Sadness Apple Music is a template that provide you the theme of Apple Music Player you just have to set your image in the template.

Summertime Sadness Stylish Lyrics Edit

Summertime Sadness Stylish Lyrics template provide you stylish font lyrics on your photo and the lyrics are exactly matched with the song lines.

Summertime Sadness Slowed Lyrics

Summertime Sadness Slowed Lyrics template offers you a slowed lyrics that appeared slowly and in classic design also the soundtrack will slow like lyrics.

Summertime Sadness Cinematic Edit

Summertime Sadness Cinematic Edit template add a amazing cinematic look and style in your video and your video becomme more appealing.

Summertime Sadness Video Slowmo

Summertime Sadness Video Slowmo is a template that add a slow effect and transition between photos and overall video Just use this template.

Summertime Sadness Lyrics 1:1

Summertime Sadness Lyrics 1:1 template is show 1:1 size lyrics on your video you have to import your photos and your video will be ready in few seconds.

Summertime Sadness Slomo Lyrics

Summertime Sadness Slomo Lyrics is the 2nd Summertime template that shows slow lyrics and sound in your video and photos.

Summertime Sadness Blur Effect

Summertime Sadness Blur Effect template add a blur effect in overall video in just one click.

Summertime Sadness Instagram Style Lyrics

Summertime Sadness Instagram Style Lyrics is the trendy and popular Instagram template also it provide stylish lyrics on your video.

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